What is YapYap Conference Calling?

Why choose YapYap

Your own number

YapYap, unlike other conference calling service, gives you an option to have your very own conference number(s). Having your own conference number will give your company much more professional feel.

When you create your account, you will have an option to select a phone number. This phone number will be used by you and others to join the conference(s) you create.

If you need more numbers, you can purchase them after you log in.

Custom Prompts

You will have an option to add a custom prompt recording. For example, when someone calls your YapYap number they might hear "Thank you for calling YourCompanyName conference room [...]".

The simplest and fastest way to record your prompt is via iOS and Android app. Optionally, you can upload the audio file in your numbers settings page after you log in.

We do offer professionally recorded prompts starting from £20.00.

Empower your team to work together more efficiently!

Create your account

Brandable iframe

Besides creating a conference via YapYap app or website, you will have an option to embed an iframe on your website(s). The iframe styling can be changed to match your company branding.

The iframe is very useful if you want members of your team to create conferences. Anyone with a link to a page, where you have the iframe embedded will be able to schedule a new conference.


Each YapYap conference is secured with a PIN number. When you and your users call your YapYap number, you will be asked to enter a PIN. Upon successful PIN entry you and others will be allowed to enter the conference.

Currently there are 3 different types of PIN numbers available.