Keep your existing number

Transfer your existing 01, 02, 03 or 08 number to YapYap

YapYap conference calling allows you to use your usual conference/business number

YapYap has number porting agreements with all major telecoms providers which means we are able to transfer your number in as little as 7 working days* totally free of charge.


If you have an existing business number (01, 02, 03 or 08 numbers) with another provider that you would like to retain, we offer a FREE porting service. This means you can transfer your number easily to us to fully benefit from the full range of YapYap features for your business, without having to change your number.

The porting process

The porting process is an industry standard process outlined and regulated by Ofcom which is followed by all telecoms companies, find out more. This ensures the smooth transfer of numbers between telecoms providers so that you don't experience any loss of service on your number with functionality instantly being transferred from your existing provider to YapYap.

We will handle the process for you, we just need you to do the following.

  • Ensure there are no outstanding bills with your existing supplier
  • Download the porting authorization form (PDF)
  • Fill in the Customer Details section of the form
  • Enter number(s) to be ported
  • Sign, date and print the form on company letterhead
  • Return the porting form to us either via email or post.


You will receive notification from both ourselves and your current provider confirming your porting request as well as the date that the port will take place.

* This is based on a single number with no additional line features from the point that a valid porting form is submitted. More complex scenarios (e.g. multiple phone numbers) may take slightly longer.

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