Make your YapYap conference sound great


For each of your conference numbers you have an option to add a custom prompt recording. This way your conference will be more personal to your own business.

For example, when someone calls your YapYap number they might be greeted with the following:

"Thank you for calling John Smith Building Supplies - the leading suppliers of building materials"

Recording your own prompt

The simplest and fastest way to record your prompt is via YapYap iOS and Android app. You can record and re-listen to your prompt before making it live.

Optionally, you can record yourself using any external microphone and upload the audio file (.mp3 or .wav) in your numbers settings page after you log in.

You can remove or upload a new recording at any time.

Professional Recordings

If you're not happy with your own recording or you can't find the right voice? YapYap offers professional voice artist.

The cost of professionally recorded prompts starts from £20.00.

Female voice sample

Male voice sample

Empower your team to work together more efficiently!

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